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Increase Fiverr Gigs Impression


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1 hour ago, nasva_kombath said:

I've tried various promotional methods, but my gig's impressions remain stagnant. What external marketing techniques have worked best for others in driving traffic to their Fiverr gigs?

Its happening due to your gig galleries which are not good enough to attract buyer's attention so improve them further.

Also, use your Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing skills for yourself to get impressions/clicks/orders.

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On 1/2/2024 at 8:07 AM, hdhiren said:

Optimize gig titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords, and high-quality delivery. I think it will be okay but need to wait a few days.

What do you mean by optimize gig title? can you elaborate and give an example?

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External marketing techniques are only useful when your audience is your potential buyers, people who actually need your services. So it is very important to know who you are promoting your gigs to. If someone just opens your gig using the link that you shared on external platforms, it will give you a click, but if that person does not need your services, that click will not result in a message (lead) or an order (sale). In this way, your conversion rate will drop, which will indicate a drop in your gig performance and the Fiverr algorithm doesn't like this.

So if you are putting your efforts into social media promotion of your gigs, ensure that you find an online community/group/page that your potential buyers have joined, and promote your gig there. You will get good results.


Good luck 🙂

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Now coming to the "increasing the impressions" part, the best way to increase your impressions is optimizing your gig title and its tags.

Here are some tips that you can try (Note: These are not official statements, these tips are based on my experience and what has worked for me):

1. Do proper research in your gig category,

2. See what others have in their titles and tags, and make use of long-tail keywords in your title.

3. See how many orders they have in queue, to have an idea of what is being sold on Fiverr.

4. Try to find a niche in your category, so that you target your gig to a specific set of buyers.

5. Check your pricing, make sure you offer better value for money than others.

6. Your gig description should explain your experience, services, and offerings, don't stuff it with unnecessary keywords.

7. Don't repeat the same keywords that you have used in your gig title, in your tags.

8. Once you get an order, make sure you deliver it in time and keep good communication with your client, keep them informed all the time, and get a good public and private review.


Bets of luck 🙂

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