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How can I know my gig is approved?


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First you have to give a gig. Then click on "Contact Support" > Click on "selling on fiverr" > Click on "Gigs" > Click on "Gig Status" > Now your gig will show, then click on your gig.

If gig status shows double active then your account is approved. 

N.B: Follow what I said 24 hours after giving the gig.


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4 hours ago, webservicrripu said:

first of all per day active online minimum 18 hours .

So what have you achieved so far by staying online for 18 hours since April 2023? Only 1 order? :classic_blink: 

Sadly, your tip is useless because staying online for 24/7 does not help you with anything else. Avoid guiding others like this. Focus on your gigs and getting orders first.

4 hours ago, mahphic said:

Please give me some Tips , How can get click or order in my gig?

Well honestly, your gig images are kind of distracting. If you are a Graphic Designer, then I'm sure you can improve them easily. For this purpose, you can do research on Fiverr regarding your niche to observe how other sellers are utilizing their gig galleries/portfolios to attract buyer's attention.

Read the following topic as well and ignore content on Buyer Request:


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@By mahphic


If you are referring to a gig on a freelancing platform like Fiverr or Upwork, the approval process typically involves the platform reviewing your gig before making it live on their marketplace. Here's how you can check if your gig is approved:

  1. Confirmation Email:

    • Freelancing platforms often send confirmation emails once your gig is approved. Check your email inbox, including spam or promotions folders, for any communication from the platform regarding the status of your gig.
  2. Dashboard or Profile Page:

    • Log in to your account on the freelancing platform and navigate to your dashboard or profile page. There, you should see the status of your gigs. If your gig is approved, it will likely be visible and active.
  3. Notifications on the Platform:

    • Some platforms provide notifications within their messaging or notification system to inform you about the approval status of your gig. Check for any messages or notifications related to your gig.
  4. Review Process Time:

    • The approval process may take some time, depending on the platform. Be patient and allow the platform some time to review and approve your gig. If there are any issues, the platform may provide feedback or request modifications.
  5. Contact Support:

    • If you can't find information about the approval status through the methods above, consider reaching out to the customer support or help center of the freelancing platform. They can provide specific information about the status of your gig.
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