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18 hours ago, expertshahid said:

I think the buyer needs to contact Fiverr support and then it can be changed otherwise there is no chance ust move on.


12 hours ago, exdesigns said:

The buyer needs to contact Fiverr customer support. 


11 hours ago, nipa01974727818 said:

if the buyer  want to give  5 star review then he need to customer support .

@afiaa_anjum the posts above gave you bad advice! 


Even if the buyer contacts Customer Support without a seller's request, the seller may get a warning against their account for review manipulation. It is best to accept the review and move on. 


@donnovan86 had a buyer who genuinely made an error when creating the review, and when that buyer went to CS to correct his mistake, Donnovan got a warning. 

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15 hours ago, rayhan2014 said:

The buyer needs to contact Fiverr customer support. 

Yet another example of a buyer with just one sale thinking they are providing 'expert advise'. As @vickiespencer has said, this advice will probably lead to a warning being applied to the OP's account. 

If you don't know the answer, then don't make it up. Inexperienced freelancers on this forum will think you know what you're talking about and will take your words as fact. 

So, please concentrate on building up your own profile before ruining others. 

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