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Need some tips to get impressions and clicks


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Hi! I need some tips on the keywords argument. I chose my gig's keywords based on the "product" I offer, but I know this is a really big argument and there are a lot of functional methods to choose the keywords in a more effective way. Thank you for you help and greetings from Italy! 🙂

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Ciao Luca! 😁

2 hours ago, luca_contini said:

What should I change or improve? 

You can find so much information and tips through the "Search..." box.

3 things to start with:
- Improve your profile description;
- Improve your gigs descriptions;
- Improve your gigs portfolio.

3 ways to achieve those things:
- Become a good seller;
- Purchase services from experts;
- Start using the forum the right way, by searching! 😛

3 ways to start:


What I have to monitoring on my profile to take more impressions and clicks?

Who is Luca Contini? Can I trust this guy? Is this seller/musician the right one for me? Oh, what about this other guitar player here, it looks cool, doesn't it? Let's compare these two... Don't monitor (just) your profile, there are hundreds of possibilities for a buyer out there. Build your niche!

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