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I received an order where the buyer is not providing me with details to start work. What to do?



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Hi @rajat2910,

Has the order started yet? If it is still in "incomplete" status, you don't need to do anything. The buyer has already paid for the order and it won't start until the buyer submits their order requirements. You already contacted the buyer 10 times, so that's more than enough. If you choose to cancel the order, it won't affect your order completion rate because no order requirements have been submitted yet.

If the order requirements were submitted but there isn't enough information for you to complete the order, request an order extension (and set it to the maximum time you can get). If the buyer doesn't respond within 2 days, the order delivery date will automatically be extended to the new date.

After requesting the order extension, reach out to customer support to contact the buyer on you behalf. They are really good at getting nonresponsive buyers to respond (or will help you cancel the order without it affecting your stats if you still can't get a response from the buyer).

I once had a buyer who placed an order and was non-responsive for over a year. I wished them a happy summer, then happy fall, sent holiday greetings, and then decided to cancel the order because my prices were much higher and it wasn't worth it to do the order at year-old prices. CS made sure the cancelation didn't affect my seller stats.

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2 hours ago, rajat2910 said:

Yes, the order requirement was submitted, but don't have the information to start work. I asked them but it's unresponsive.

Then submit a request to extend the order and then submit a help desk ticket to Customer Support (CS) do they can contact the buyer on your behalf. If the buyer is still unresponsive, CS can help you cancel the order so that it won't affect your order completiupdated and!

Please keep us updated!

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