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Gig Performance Dilemma - Continue or Revamp?


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Hey, Fiverr community! About 2-3 months ago, I uploaded 7 gigs and received some interest, but due to working on another browser, I missed out on potential orders. Now, with a dual-screen setup, I can manage both efficiently. However, my gig isn't getting the same impressions and clicks as before. Should I stick with it or consider a fresh start with new gigs? I'd love your opinions, prayers, and support

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I empathize with your situation. The increased competition on Fiverr can indeed impact visibility. I'd recommend patience; One of my friend waited a year for initial orders. Optimize your gigs, engage with the community, and consider promoting on social media. Success may take time, but persistence pays off.

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For quite some time my gig impressions are getting very low how can I increase my gig impressions and get orders? 

I want a suggestion for everyone. Thank you. Prayers and love for you.

This is my profile link, everyone will take a look and tell me how I can improve my impression (https://www.fiverr.com/users/coderhasan25)


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