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I am a New member on fiverr, I am working on word press website.

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@websitedesignne  As a we designer I can offer you the following advice

1)  You have no portfolio, your gig images are just templates.  As a customer, why would I pay for something I could buy and customize myself?

2) You offer 5 revisions in your gig, yet your FAQs state that you will work until the client is happy (Unlimited revisions)?  - Also, your gig description needs changing straight away.  👇

"Another important thing that I focus on 100%. It is client satisfaction because client satisfaction is my first priority. If you are not happy I do not finish your work!"

What are you going to do if a client asks for a revision? cancel the order?  This sounds like you're going to give up on the first attempt

3) Your website features include, a forum and payment portals.  some clients will hold you to this, and you will spend untold hours setting this up, even though it isn't in your main gig description. 

4) The first image that your customers see is the standard templated one that is on 99% of the Fiverr web design gigs.  There is no compelling reason for me to click it. 

5) Your gigs are full of spelling errors. A customer doesn't want to spend ages correcting what you have written

6) There is nothing in your gig description to say how many websites you have designed, who you have worked for, or what credentials you have.  Without this, your customers will think that you are brand new and this is the reason you're using templates.   Or.... You don't think your work is good enough to showcase.  Either way, your customers will 'smell a rat' 


Just a few things to consider! 

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22 hours ago, websitedesignne said:

I'm a new member on Fiverr, and can give you some tips on how to increase sales

You can search through "Tips for Sellers" section. You also have some pinned posts there.

Please, don't make the confusion by asking for advice and at the same time creating topics/posting where you give advice using chatGPT.

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Just now, websitedesignne said:

Now will my account be any problem due to this violated problem please kindly let me know thanks

No, the forum is separate from the Fiverr website.

You may receive a warning on your forum account from a moderator.


You better stop using a chatbot. You are human. Write like a human.


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