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Withdrawal Disabled


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This Is the first freelancing platform i've ever seen that denies it's sellers the ability to withdraw their funds.......even after my account was disabled and i had to wait for 30 days before I could gain access back to it....firstly as It's been a over 90 days....i forgot my SQ and i requested for the support's assistance in it but to no avail..then i later remember the answer to my Sq and I proceeded in adding payment method to my account so i can withdraw it before the due date..as i was given a 7 days access.........and to my surprise after 24 hours of adding a payment method, i was told my account got disabled cus i went against the terms and conditions and withdrawals got disabled!...How the hell can an account which has been limited, can't communicate or do any other things to violate go against the TOS.......this sounds crazy.....and I can sense this is a sign of you guys depriving me of my hard earned money here on fiverr....and that isn't fair.

i'd even be dropping a screenshot below as proof that what you guys are doing isn't to be done like that at all......this is an act of scam


I even contact the support and noone is giving me a reply


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