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My gig going down and down day by day


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19 minutes ago, kamranmani said:

If your gig on Fiverr is experiencing a decline in performance, consider the following tips:


1. **Optimize Gig Title and Tags:** Ensure that your gig title and tags accurately reflect the services you offer. Use relevant keywords that potential buyers might use to find your services.


2. **Eye-Catching Thumbnail:** Make sure your gig thumbnail is visually appealing and clearly represents your services. It's the first thing potential buyers see.


3. **Detailed Description:** Provide a clear and comprehensive description of your services. Highlight your skills, experience, and what sets you apart from others.


4. **Competitive Pricing:** Review your pricing strategy. Ensure it aligns with the market and your level of expertise. Competitive pricing can attract more buyers.


5. **Promote Your Gig:** Share your gig on social media or relevant online communities. This can increase visibility and attract potential clients.


6. **Offer Packages:** Consider offering different packages to cater to a broader audience. This gives buyers more options to choose from.


7. **Request Feedback:** Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews. Positive feedback can enhance your gig's credibility and visibility.


8. **Stay Responsive:** Respond promptly to inquiries and messages. Fiverr values sellers who are quick and efficient in communication.


9. **Check Fiverr Analytics:** Use Fiverr analytics to understand how your gig is performing. Identify areas of improvement based on the data.


10. **Update Regularly:** Keep your gig updated with any relevant changes, new skills, or services you offer.


If you've tried these suggestions and still see a decline, it may be worth reaching out to Fiverr customer support for additional insights or assistance.

Thank you ChatGPT

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On 12/27/2023 at 11:05 AM, mariam_ecom said:

Hello Experts... I hope you are doing well my gig going down and down day by day. Suggest me what I do..

I will be very thankful to you.



Try to stay more active and utilize social media to find buyers based on your skills. Bring your work to your Fiverr account by leveraging your expertise, and you'll be able to improve your gig rank

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  • Firstly upload an Eye-Catching Gig image.
  • Then SEO your gig images Perfectly.
  • Write a clear description of your gig that should be clear and SEO-related.
  • If possible then you can use video because if video is given in gig then it will rank very quickly.
  • Write SEO related tag and title.
  • Hopefully if you follow this algorithm your gigs will rank.
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I checked your gigs. All are starting from $85 and $90. If you can reduce the prices of your basic package it will attract buyers. Same time you can give only limited services under the basic package. For the rest two packages you can keep your current prices. 

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