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how do I improve my gigs?


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I have two main gigs at the moment, the data entry one and the webcrawler. I wonder how I can improve them to get better impressions again? They kind of dropped, especially the webcrawler gig is at an alltime low and doesn't even make 50 impressions a day since a few months now. I had some deliveries in the mean time and the clients left good reviews, when they ordered but they didn't find the gig through the search, I sold the orders after a brief conversation with the clients that came to me through a different gig. Not sure what happened for them to drop and stay low.

The data entry one goes down to a few hundred for a few weeks then goes back up to 1-2k a day, which is not optimal and I'd like to improve it, but normal. The webcrawler doesn't fluctuate at all, which is worrying me.

Any feedback is welcome.

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