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How to rank Fiverr gig


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1 minute ago, burhanseo99 said:

How to rank Fiverr gig please tell me.

You are going to need patience, and you need to be able to identify opportunity. If you only publish your gigs, you will have a hard time getting ranked. I used to have an account with sales but got taken down for inactivity. And I'm currently not working on promoting my gigs, but here is what I learned from the previous experience.


Fiverr is a means to generate traffic, but won't give you traffic if you don't work for it. You need to optimize your gigs, add videos and preferably show who you are. Have a portfolio website where you show your skills and qualifications to do so. Also promote your gig to people you know, this way the algorithm will see people entering your gig and will assume you are a useful contributor and will give you more organic exposure.


Additionally, create content, preferably written. Not only do you need good SEO on your gig, since your website send people to your gig if you have written content addressing questions in your webpage via a blog, then search engines will give you traffic as well. You need to think about what people looking for your solutions are looking for in the search bars, and attempt to address those prompts in your text. Video content is also great, but it should be combined with text to have it rank better on SEO and for accessibility reasons. Blind people can't read, but there are tools that read for them, and having text in your sites helps with that. 


Finally, look for advice on YouTube there are many people there sharing their secrets, for example: 


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