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How to let a repeat buyer know that they could be eligible for a bulk discount if they made a bigger order instead?


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I offer bulk discounted pricing starting with orders that are at or above 50$, and this customer's orders usually come up in the 35-40$ range. This started after we already began working together, and I do mention that I have bulk discounts on my gig page but I'm not sure if they're aware. They usually give me consecutive orders directly after a current order is finished, so I want to let them know that I offer a bulk discount which they would be eligible for if they asked for only a sligthly bigger order instead of repeatedly making new orders. This is geniunely because I want to help them reach the bulk discount pricing and get more of their money's worth, but I don't want to make it seem like I'm just trying to get more money from them. How should I let them know about the bulk discount without making it seem like I'm trying to push them to make bigger orders just because I want them to pay more? Has anyone here had any similiar experiences? Or am I overthinking it and should just tell them without thinking too much about how to phrase it? I just don't want to come off like I'm being pushy or greedy.

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On 12/26/2023 at 5:30 PM, hedayetsaadi556 said:

Yes, I think it's overthinking. There is nothing wrong offering a discount. If there were any issues with it, established businesses would have not offered any discount on their product or services. 

I suppose you're right. Like I said I just don't want to make them think I'm only saying this to make them ask for a bigger order and give me more money, but I guess they wouldn't see it that way anyway.

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