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Seeking Guidance: Promoting Gigs Beyond Fiverr Without Social Media - Any Tips?


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While I'm diligently fine-tuning my gigs on Fiverr, I'm contemplating extending their reach beyond the platform for increased visibility.

Since I'm not currently active on social media, I'm seeking advice from the community. Could anyone share tips on how to effectively promote my gigs on social media?

Your insights would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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55 minutes ago, imamiopial said:

As far as I know, Fiverr sends briefs based on your performance. 

Set your brief price, keep completing orders and eventually you’ll start getting briefs.

Thank you for the answer. I set the price at 5$ three weeks ago.
I made 7 Gigs and I have experience in all of them (outside of Fiverr).
I tried to improve my Gigs, but I did not get any briefs or orders. I wanted to make a ticket about the briefs, but since it depended on my performance and I did not perform anything yet, it seemed it was normal to get no briefs

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Hi Everyone, I have read a popular post, and I understand I have not chosen good titles for most of my gigs.
Here is the link to the post:


Therefore, I am thinking about changing some of my gig's titles. Now the question is whether changing the title is better or creating a new gig and removing my previous gig. Which one is better for my profile and my gig positivity and visibility?

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