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My Early Payout option is gone, how can i get it back?



Hello. I was using my Early Payout option for a long time and I liked it a lot. 2 days ago this option was taken from me, and my best gig disappeared from the algorithm on the same day. I'm still getting orders from my gig so it's not a big deal. I got contacted about this problem, one of support friends said to me that my account was no longer eligible to opt into receiving the funds from your orders immediately after completion.I told her that it was nonsense and, my account was in the best shape can be in, and I've never had a better month than this. She agreed but said it is what it is and they aren't doing this manually. I talked about this with other Fiverr support too. He also said that this isn't happening manually. Still don't believe him. If this doesn't take away from me manually, i have a question. Why on the same day that my early payout option was gone, my gig get deleted from the Fiverr searches? They are (stream highlight) and (youtube stream editor). I was dominating those categories. At first, I thought my gig got a little lower on the algorithm and I needed to do an SEO for it. BUT NO, I checked every page on that specific search manually. That gig got deleted, not moved to a back page. I'll try to fix it if I dont leave this platform as a freelancer. Right now Fiverr Algorithm is broken as much as possible because it can't detect correctly who to give Important stuff like Fiverr Seller Plus Premium and early cashout option. I brought 3 of my friends to Fiverr to work as freelancers, and after they did like 4 or 5 orders they all got invited to Fiverr Seller Plus Premium. And my friend's accounts aren't even level 1. I'm a level 2 seller and gonna be a top tier seller in just 2 months, I still haven't been invited for the Premium plan. Unfortunately, I'm still in the standard plan. I'm still talking with Fiverr Support for this problems but they seems like wont gonna help me.

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