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What should I do to get the job?


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1 hour ago, rimaba said:

How to rank my fiverr gig and how i stand fiverr frist page. please look my gig and give me solution  https://www.fiverr.com/s/eAQkbP

So you have a gig that promotes businesses to millions of people worldwide, and you can't get orders?

Something tells me that your gigs may be full of false promises, as if you were good at what you do, you wouldn't be struggling for ranking suggestions. 

Screenshot 2023-12-24 174056.png

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I had a look at some of your gigs, one of them is in a category with over 33,000 sellers, including page after page of Top Rated and Level 2 sellers with thousands of reviews and portfolios with real examples of their work. Plucking pictures from the internet and putting them in your gig is not how you get customers (your gig has at least 3 images that are not yours, one from a social media blog post, and 2 of them are just screenshots of some celebrities with arrows pointing at the number of followers).

You say you are an expert at this with 3 years experience and "has been involved in various projects & collaboration with many clients and big companies" where are the examples of these real customers you have worked with? Do you have any figures showing the difference you made for a customer's social media presence? for example, number of followers before and after you helped? To me, it seems like you watched a youtube video titled "make money fast on fiverr" or something like that and you just jumped straight in without having any real experience in the gigs you have created. That may not be the case, but that's how it appears to me.

Also, there are spelling and grammatical errors throughout your gigs.

I understand you are probably just trying to make some money to help support your family, but Fiverr is not "easy money" no matter what the click-bait videos on Youtube say, you actually need to be skilled in something and be able to show evidence of that skill.

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