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🌟 Seeking Quick Tips for My Fiverr Profile! 🌟


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Hello @ilyas_designs0
For sure there is room for improvement, but you're on the right way.

Personally, I like to show a kind of connection between thumbnails so seeing you using this effect on 2/3 gigs is a plus for me.
In this way, when someone lands on your profile and watches your gigs he/she can spot a coherent style.Β 

Now it's up to you to understand if having the same ripped paper effect on all the gigs is a viable solution or if using it with a different positioning is the way to go. I know you used it to divide the thumbnail, but you can also tilt it to make it as a backgorund, not content divider.

What I'd do for your thumbnails is:

  • Remove the profile picture
  • Give a better balance to text
  • Give two different colors to font & Call To Action (e.g. white font & yellow Call To Action)
  • Fix the span between margin and content (on the preview it's cropped now)

But as I said, I think you're on the right way.

Bye!Β :classic_smile:

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