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Am I being scammed??


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Hi, so I’m waiting on some artwork I’ve paid for and the seller has already asked for more time once… which is fine I didn’t need a 2 day turnaround… 3 or 4 would be fine.  Now he asked for more time AGAIN but did so by marking it DELIVERED….  Which I don’t want to “Approve” since he hasn’t actually delivered.    I 💬 chatted him that more time was fine.
just wanted to check with you all….

  Is this “delivered” tactic a scam? 


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I'm pretty sure it is. No honest person would try to get you to "approve" an extension as if they were actually delivering the service. If they needed more time, they could just request an extension, that's why they exist. Please report this to CS with screenshots.

Edit: Unless it was a simple mistake and he was trying to ask for an extension. But I would find it difficult to trust a seller after something like this.

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