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I had created my fiverr account since 2019 and today i'm back active and i uploaded my gigs on fiverr, Can anyone tell me what is my mistake in gigs?


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These are my suggestions/comments:

Gig: I will make your website unforgettable

It says you're available 24/7 - maybe reduce that or change it as some people might think it's not realistic (unless it is because you really have team, in which case you could also ask them for advice on your gigs.).
You could add an FAQ that would give more info the the buyer

Gig: I will create youtube channel intro
The standard and premium packages say "unlimited revisions" but their no. of revisions aren't set to unlimited

Gig: I will make youtube intors for best price
There's a spelling mistake in the gig title

You could change the description text of "I'll Make A Videos" - and maybe the whole sentence doesn't need to have every word starting with a capital letter. You could also say a bit more in the description.

You have 2 gigs that show videos, but the video thumbnails are blank (all white) and the videos don't play when I try them.
You have no seller profile description. Most sellers do and entering text there might help.

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