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29 minutes ago, sajid_zubair said:

I sent an offer with no revision. Now, the order has been delivered to buyer in accordance with his requirements. In stead of, approving the delivery the buyer is putting REVISIONS repeatedly without any cause and justification. 

What should I do? Kindly guide me please 

Why would you not just sell him a revision?  Am I missing something? 

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Customer satisfaction is the key to success in any business. In our day-to-day life, modern businesses are always open to help and prefer customer satisfaction. If customers raise any complaints, or the product or services they offer fail to satisfy customers, businesses upgrade their products and try to make customers happy. However, there is a checkpoint as well. If anyone intends to take advantage of polite customer service, businesses ignore them. The same case may be applied to your case. If the customer is not happy, I would try my level best to provide more support until they turn out to be a happy customer. But if they try to exploit me, then I would stop providing that support until my committed services are delivered.

Wondering to know, did you discussed the revision issue before sending the offer so that your client will enjoy zero revision. If yes, I think you are not compelled to accept the revision. Yet, I would say take 1-2 revisions and let the customer stay happy so s/he gets back to you again. If the limit exceeds, you can talk to fiverr customer care services. Still, I believe CS will prefer the customer's preference. In essence, I would say, treat this customer well for the time being. Later on, if s/he comes back think twice before accepting any order.

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