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Why am I not getting any orders?


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Hello fellow freelancers,

I am not a new member here or Fiverr. I used Fiverr a year ago but I had to move away from freelancing and start a job full time due to money constraints and medical expenses. I recently got back into Fiverr and I want to pursue it full time.


Before I stopped working on Fiverr, I made 2 huge mistakes:

  1. I did not pause my account from the account settings
  2. Since I was not using Fiverr, I was not checking my messages. I got 2 orders, which were completely ignored. I tried messaging the clients to explain to them my situation but they understandably did not respond.

Is there a way to turn this around, or is the algorithm going to totally ignore me?

I updated my gigs and prices, I have been getting impressions and a click every few weeks or so.

Any advice would be great ☺️. Here is my gig if you guys want to give any pointers- https://www.fiverr.com/aashab_mostafa

Screenshot 2023-12-17 141424.png

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