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Looks like this service is on hold



Anyone experience this?

When buyers go to my gig page it says at the top "Looks like this service is on hold"

I only found out yesterday when a client wanted to order. Luckily I was able to send them a custom offer though and they placed the order.

Customer support hasn't replied to me yet in about 16 hours. They're usually much faster.

To my knowledge I haven't broken any rules etc.

Has anyone had the same thing and got it resolved? Is it a glitch? Or they didn't like something I typed?

Recently I changed my gig title and keywords. But don't think that would be the issue. My gig still shows in search results and promoted gig is still active...

Only thing I can think of is that a customer wanted a discount and I explained that as Fiverr takes 20% I cannot reduce my price further. But this is public knowledge hardly an insider secret...

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