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Delivered and Accepted an order. Can't see the funds being in the "Payments Being Cleared" section


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This was my third completed job and I faced little issues with the first two projects. Those project were delivered, they accepted it, and I saw that the funds were added to the 'payments being cleared' section under the 'Future Payments' category within 24hrs. I know that the next part (waiting before it becomes available to withdraw) takes 2 weeks. I've read everything and expected this.
This third project is turning out different, which is concerning. It was delivered on the Dec 9th, auto-accepted on Dec 12th, but the funds have not been added to the 'payments being cleared' section. (Currently the 15th as of writing this)
On top of that, when I look back on the order page, it says that I "earned $0 from this order"
What's more perplexing is that the client ordered and paid Fiverr on November 21st, which was when they accepted my offer. They even sent me a screengrab of their payment. So this has been more then 2 weeks on their end as well.
So...Just wondering if anyone might have experienced something similar and hoping that this is super normal.
I've reached out to Fiverr, no response yet.
Thank you in advance!
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