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Tips for "Tweet your message on Twitter" Gigs


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Twitter is still one of the most valuable marketing tools available to business owners and operators.

With twitter you can reach millions of potential buyers and customers etc.

There are many great gigs offering you to tweet your message, ad, product or website from their twitter account to thousands of followers.

Let me help you to pick the best quality gigs to get you the best result for $5

1.Even before checking the reviews - Check the Twitter account so you can peek around. Ask for the username if it is not in the description.

2. Check their followers and look for fake accounts:

  • Eggs avatars with very few followers, no bio or no tweets. SCROLL the list!
  • Check avatar for Stock Profile Images - Same as the eggs but this time with good looking (bikini) ladies. use http://images.google.com/ and see how many times the picture is used.
  • Look for following teams/trains. Useless followers for marketing etc.
  • Check Date Joined Twitter and Number of Tweets.
  • Check for excessive duplicate tweets. They use tweet generators.Often genertaing tons of quotes.
  • IMPORTANT! Check for Interaction With Others. Fakes don’t interact. They do nothing and they will never see your message, ad product or website etc.

    Some more tips:

  • Check their tweets for retweets and favorites. Accounts with more than 60k followers and an avarage of 1 or 3 (or even 0) retweets/favs means low quality. Their followers are not interested at all.
  • Accounts with nothing but Promotional Tweets. Your message will never get noticed.
  • Niche targeting will get you the best results. Bigger change that your message will be retweeted. only this way you can reach millions of potential buyers or customers.

    Remember Quality Over Quantity.

    Ok, that’s it for now, feel free to add more tips

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