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No order since 3 months


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I am Genesis, I have been working as voice over artist/online tutor with 4.9 and all positive reviews. The problem is, since 3 months I am not getting orders.

I am not getting any impressions. I did my best, I tried changing different keywords, changed description, changed thumbnails but nothing worked.

I even mailed to fiverr support that I cannot search my gig in the search bar. In short, I am going down and down trapped by depression and a feeling of helplessness.

please I request to all freelancers here, if they could help me with that, I shall be very very obliged.

Much Respect!


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With the rise in competition, it's difficult for new freelancers to get any orders unless you have an outstanding Portfolio/ Social Media Presence/ Luck
I understand... it's tough, but don't be upset,  try creating good portfolio, post it on social media so that people engage (it should be entertaining), Improve skills and you will start getting orders
I also had to wait like 6-7 months to receive order on fiverr, Everyone is on their own journey, maybe you'll get clients after 3 months or maybe tomorrow

Also create niche Gigs, like in your case,  create gig like Voice overs for animations/cartoons, or Voice overs for Youtube videos, be specific, use all 7 gig slots
All the Best 🙂

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Why not update your gig to ensure that you're keeping up with what's trending on the first page of your topic?

Look at how your competitors have structured their gigs, look at what they're offering, and see whether your pricing is competitive compared to them. Additionally, see what kinda gig images they're using, and see how you can improve your thumbnails to compete with them.

Take inspiration from your competitors, but never copy them.

Good luck!! 

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can you please help me, I was doing good at fiverr but it is been 3 months that I did not receive any order.

no impressions no clicks. I tried changing gig descrition, image keywords... everything. my rating is 4.9.

where am I wrong? 

what should I do to be on the track?

Much Regards.

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It is probably due to 2 reviews 4.0 and 4.3 about 3-4 months ago. You will have to wait about 2-4 months more for your gig to start showing on search pages.

It's unfair that buyers gave you that rating since they were satisfied, but that's the way things go sometimes.

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