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How was your Fiverr journey in 2023?


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I kicked off this journey in 2017, and this month, we've grown our team by adding a new member to handle communication.
This way, our main squad can laser-focus on creating awesome products.
Right now feels a bit like a winter season for my account, but I'm super hopeful that the orders will start flowing in like normal very soon.

We're all geared up and ready for the hustle!

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On 12/14/2023 at 9:14 AM, rakibzkhan said:

I started my journey with Fiverr from May 2023. By the grace of God, I have completed 1 order successfully and 1 is in progress. 

I hope 2024 will bring more success. Keep me in your prayers. 


Great Job! wishing a successful journey............keep shining 🥰

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I've been lucky enough to work full time as a Fiverr freelancer for around eighteen months now. I have one gig and a steady stream of orders that means I basically work every day. I don't think I'm doing anything special - just following the rules and making good on the promises to my customers.

In 2023, I have seen a slight decline in orders placed, which is normal due to the world wide economic situation, but a higher influx of new customers looking for services. This is partly down to Fiverr's earlier big marketing campaign, but I'm guessing, it's also due to an increase in side hustling from customers who have more than one income stream.

I forsee an increase in freelancing over the next few years, which means more competition, but also more customers. As a result, Fiverr's influence will grow, but I would also suspect more Fiverr-like platforms will appear (which they are very few of now) so there will be new opportunities ahead.

Of course, things can change in a heartbeat and who knows what 2024 will bring? But on the all I'd say - so far, so good.

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This is my fifth year on fiverr.It has been great. Every year i make slight adjustments to my gigs and pricing. This year i completed 140 orders which is less than last year but my income has increased. So i am happy with results. Working less and earning more. Only December has been super slow compered to previous years but usualy there is heavy traffic in January so lets hope for that 🙂 
Good luck with your fiverr journey 🙂

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