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I am a new seller but I am not getting any click. Can you review my gigs and let me know what i can improve pease?


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Hi! I created my Fiverr account about 2 weeks ago and it all started well! I got my first order and the same client ordered again on a different gig. It started well but now I am not getting any new messages and impressions & clicks are going down signicantly. What should I do? Any advice on what to change on my profile or how to advertise? I can not promote my gigs on fiverr since I am a new seller! Any comment would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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9 minutes ago, puspojit_biswas said:

Hi Kaia,

Here, I would like to give you some tips as per my knowledge.

  • Upload other gig images, gig videos, and PDF documents related to your 5+ years of previous projects.
  • Add more FAQs
  • Share the Gig links on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Twitter
  • Be patient 


Other added images or replace the existing ones?

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2 minutes ago, kaia__marketing said:

Other added images or replace the existing ones?

Keep the existing Gig image and add other images and possibly videos and PDFs as well. For a single gig, you can add 3 images, 1 video, and 2 PDFs. Try to upload all of those. When you upload a video, it will be shown at the first of your Gig when someone visits your Gig.

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17 hours ago, kaia__marketing said:

The problem isnt that the clients arent able to see my previous work! The problem is that I am barely getting any clicks anymore!

Hi @kaia__marketing, Don't expect to get a steady stream of orders straight from the get-go. Fiverr gives new sellers an initial boost, which wears off after the first month or so (so a drop in impressions/clicks may occur). As you deliver orders and keep your customers happy, that should also give you a good boost in impressions and visibility in Fiverr's search.

As long as your impressions are not zero, you're still getting shown to buyers in search, so try to get the most out of those impressions. When I was starting out, even 14 impressions and 2 clicks were enough to get orders. Focus on improving your conversion rates so that buyers who do click on your gig will want to buy your services. I like @puspojit_biswas's advice to make the most out of your gig gallery (by adding a gig video and making sure you have 3 photos and 2 PDFs with plenty of samples of your work). 

I also like the fact that you found the opportunity to get 2 orders out of your first buyer - that was how I got my first orders. I offered services/gigs that complemented each other so that each buyer that came my way placed an average of 4-5 orders in all of my different gigs. This, in turn, helped me keep a steady flow of orders.

Pay very close attention to your impressions, clicks, and inquiries that you get in your inbox.

  • If you aren't getting clicks, that means your gig isn't attracting enough buyers. So find ways to draw more of your target buyers to your gigs.
  • If you have clicks and no inquiries or orders, that means buyers who do visit your gig are leaving (and giving their business to your competitors). So find ways to make them want to stay on your profile and gig pages and message you in your inbox. When I had zero orders and zero reviews, my gig gallery was what convinced buyers to place an order with me.
  • If you are getting a lot of inquiries, but no orders, you may be attracting the wrong buyers. I posted my first gig and based on the inquiries I was getting, I opened up six more gigs that were more relevant to the buyers I was attracting than the first gig. That's when I started to get more orders.

I noticed from your profile that you are a problem solver, so take this as a challenge and keep a close eye on your data, because that will tell you if your marketing is working or not. If it's not working, look at your tags, title, gig images, gig descriptions, and packages. Make adjustments and monitor the results.

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