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How long does it usually take for a video on a gig to process?


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Hi everyone,

I was wondering how long it usually takes for a video to process when uploading to a new gig?

I uploaded my first gig over 12 hours ago and it’s still processing! It was an .mp4, 24MB, 12 seconds, 25FPS, and 1920x1080 HD quality but I didn’t think it would take this long…

Does it usually take this long for everyone…or is it just me? Should I upload it to a different size/format?

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c171zen said: Hi,


Try this:


Go to edit your gig and on the video section where it says processing video click on it. This worked for me, as I had the same problem and this fixed it.


I tried that and it didn't work... It's odd because when I preview the video on the edit screen it looks completely fine, I don't know why it needs more time to process...

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