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Understanding on what to do for my first order



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Hi @cor6en, If you have an active order, that means the buyer has paid the money for you to do the order. Fiverr will hold those funds until 14 days after you deliver a completed order. So you won't get paid until then.

So right now, you should work on the order and when you are ready to deliver, press the "deliver" button. In the delivery, include screenshots or other proof of your work (as an attachment - you need to include at least one attachment for the delivery to be considered valid, otherwise, you may get a warning). Once the buyer accepts the delivery (or 3 days later), the order will close and you'll see pending funds in your Earnings page. Fiverr will keep 20% of the order amount, and after 14 days, you'll be able to withdraw your funds (80% of the order total).

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