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Is it a good idea to use gigs to promote my new product if im allready looking to pay affiliates?


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hi, im looking for gigs to promote my new product is a no bullcrap quick guide with 20 tested and easy ways to make at least $100 a day each way all with out any money spent… this is not like most bull crap ebooks make $3465 in one day… this is tested and working steps to follow in this hour to make real money with paypal or bank in 24hrs… i thought about paying people on fiverr for gigs but we also giving out a 60% commission on sales brought to us by people so for every $7 book sold you get $4, my question is it good idea to spend money here if im giving a affiliate commission too?

if you can do the work or know someone reply please the link: http://www.jvzoo.com/products/117109-Cut-the-Crap--20-Easy-ways-to-make-100-a-day-online-in-2014 20 ways to make $100 a day online with out money to start let me know what you think is the best to do here


JVZoo.com - Instant Commission Platform for Sellers and Affiliates


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