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'Contact me' button of two clients was not clickable on PC




I am a new seller on Fiverr. Two clients contacted me on Fiverr. But after initial chat I got no text from them again. I am always polite. When I open their profile, 'Contact me' button on their profile is not clickable on PC. Those profiles had also good reviews as buyers and were not scam profiles. Why is it so. No such thing happened that they would block me. I have completed 1 order already with a 5 star Review. I am confused why is it so. As chat was just in the initial phases, nothing happened. Is there any problem with my account or Fiverr blocks them? or Fiverr blocks them to reach me? Kindly Guide Me


I am now in doubt that something is wrong with my account and I can't chat with clients after an initial chat. May be Fiverr blocks them to reach me????

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