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How to rank the gig?


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35 minutes ago, webservicrripu said:

and per day  minimum 18 hours active online . 

When are you going to stop spreading this nonsense?

You have been on Fiverr since Apr 2023. You received 1 review.

 From April until the end of November is  8 months.


Suppose that you stay a minimum of 18 hours a day online.


Did you stay more than 4000 hours online to get one lousy $30 order?  No, you did not. I bet you never stay online 18 hours a day.


Staying online does not help you at all.

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1 hour ago, webservicrripu said:

How to rank the gig?

Once you set your gig prices at $80 (starting price because Fiverr has set this price for WordPress category), then your gigs will start getting impressions and clicks. Otherwise you will have very few impressions/clicks or even no visibility on search results.

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