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What should I do with this client out of hell?



Hi all,

I've been a seller in the field of video editing for a couple of years now. Never full-time on Fiverr, always as a side source of income.

I'm currently working for a client who is... difficult to please.

She wants a 15 seconds commercial for Instagram which I will do for 25 dollars. There's some motion graphics to do but still, I thought it wasn't a bad deal for a fast job. I was wrong.

Her ability to explain her needs is below zero. She wants the video to make her feel something, she describes the emotions that she didn't feel, she gives no clues as to what she didn't like. She also has no idea how video editing with stock footage works, writes scripts like I can give directions to actors, wants very specific Italian dialogue which I can't find through stock footage.

Anyway, after some hard work and a lot of explanations I managed to do exactly what she wanted... and she realized that the problem was in her script. She asked me to change the subject of the video (from general psychological help to support for women) by using her last available revision request. I agreed as long as we would just change the images and text on the base that we have created. She said "yes".

...And then she sends me a script containing a woman who is torn to pieces and then recomposed, and also a crazy amount of text that will never be readable in a 15 seconds video and will inevitably need to be revised. Probably more than once.

At this point I have a strong feeling that she's trying to obtain two videos for one, since this new one is completely different. I can't be sure, maybe she's just that oblivious. The theme is similar but not the same. She's also a Fiverr seller (apparently pretty appreciated in her own field), so I would feel really bad if i reported her when she wasn't trying to scam me. I agreed to the change of subject even though it was already a red flag, but now she wants a completely different video with different problems that will have to be handled one by one, otherwise she won't understand what doesn't work in the script and why I'm doing things differently.

I don't want this money, I just want to end this and never hear from the Fiverr equivalent of Tommy Wiseau ever again.

So what would you do in my place?

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