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One Move that Changed My Freelance Career


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🚀The one move that changed my entire Freelancing Career🚀

Hey Freelancers! I wanted to share with you all a little story about how I found my breakthrough in my freelancing career. It's all about picking the right skill and service with less competition!

When I started, I had a strong portfolio and great client reviews on brand design. I thought this would be my ticket to success on freelance websites too. But boy, was I wrong! For two years, I didn't receive a single order.

Then one day, I stumbled upon Lottie Animation. There were very few people offering this service, and even though I didn't have many projects in my portfolio compared to brand design, I decided to give it a shot. And guess what? This is where everything changed for me! Suddenly, I started receiving knocks and orders after those long two years of struggle.

That's when I realized the power of picking a niche skill with less competition. I streamlined my other skill sets that were closer to 2D animation and motion design, like creating Instagram videos and crowdfunding videos. With this focused approach, I started expanding my reach on freelance markets, and the growth was incredible. In just four months, I became a level 2 seller on Fiverr!

I hope this story inspires you to rethink your freelancing strategy and consider exploring less competitive markets. Sometimes, it's the road less traveled that leads to success. If you found this post useful, please feel free to repost and share it with others.




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Glad, it worked out well for you. It's kind of hard picking a sub-niche in my industry that really isn't very competitive here on Fiverr. But, I found a service that isn't really competitive and it has giving me the most impression so far. Still waiting for the first order.

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