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Tip for new seller? Fiverr vs Upwork


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Hi there!

Here’s my first post on Fiverr. I’ve been freelancing on Upwork for a decade, and I’ve just created my Fiverr seller account this year, but I’m still struggling to understand its business model. I got a great order early on at a reasonable price, and nothing afterwards for months. Some small recent orders and that’s all. A deafening silence except for spam messages.

Obviously, there are great differences between Upwork and Fiverr, I won’t go into that. However, I am still struggling with the gig concept. Most of my Upwork clients (60%) are repeat clients. Note that I don't have to offer special pricing subscriptions to keep them. Not sure how I can develop long-term relationships on Fiverr.

Is the race to the bottom the only pricing strategy for new sellers? If it is, then I should focus solely on Upwork.



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I glanced at your profile. Do you only translate text, or do you also translate speech? If you can translate audio, you might want to consider recording a few lines, that will show potential Buyers that you can actually speak the languages.

AI is getting better, but it can't substitute yet. Show people that you are a better choice.

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