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Never ever pay outside fiverr


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A seller claims to work for a certain company - Do not trust that developer or that company!!!

I have paid 25% deposit of project costs directly on their bank account and did not get anything but frustration and loss of time! Of course they refuse to refund and it will lead to litigation …


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Hi @maramuster,


Never ever pay outside fiverr

It's actually against Fiverr's ToS for any payment to be made out of Fiverr's platform. Keeping payments on the platform allows Fiverr to protect both buyers and sellers in all transactions. I'm really sorry you were scammed! In this case, Fiverr can't protect you because you agreed to pay the seller outside of Fiverr. It also risks your account as a buyer, because you were not following Fiverr's ToS. To protect yourself in the future, please read all of Fiverr's ToS here (it's also in the footer of every page on Fiverr and on the forum):


On 12/8/2023 at 5:16 AM, maramuster said:

Unfortunately fiverr has edited my post and removed developer and company’s name

This violates Forum Rule #3.

Please read all of the forum rules to make sure your posts are compliant (it's also on the top of every page of the forum):


It can take time getting used to buying on the platform and using the forum. Please feel free to browse the topics in the Help Center and forum or post your questions to the members and Fiverr staffers on the forum.

You can also create tickets for Fiverr customer support by clicking on the link below or by emailing them at support@fiverr.com.


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