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The response time is bugged


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I have my note 3 with me everywhere I go. Even when I’m at gym, showering, shopping, etc. The last 30 days I answered very fast, within seconds to all messages.

When I can’t do it is while I’m sleeping. Ok… lets say I answer those inquiries in like 6 hours. Max.

My average resp time is 12 hours.

I thing the app is not connected to this feature.

Can anyone confirm?

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Well, the app is connected to the feature. Why I say so is, when I first joined Fiverr I used the mobile application to respond almost all the client inquiries asap and within like 2 days it was showing 1 hour responsiveness in my profile.

To decide the response time, they calculate the average of all the replies you have sent and maybe still you are somewhere near 12. If this is not also the case, I suggest you better inquire from the Customer Support.

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Reply to @ishara94:

well, not quite. According to Fiverr:

“Responsiveness measures how quickly you respond to a new conversation. It’s displayed as a monthly average.” - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/11303/new-fiverr-faq#Item_1

So, it is the average of the last 30 days.

Now, when I’m at home, I answer in minutes to all messages using my PC.

When I’m not home, I am using my Samsung Note 3. As soon as I get any Fiverr notification I answer right away.

I’m even determined to stay a day or two and check out all my past 30 days messages and do the math. There’s no way to have an average of 12 hours.

Maybe on some devices the app is bugged. 😦

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