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I am New, Please give me some suggestion


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Hello, Everyone!

My Name is Abrar Jaowad.  I am from Bangladesh . I am a new seller. I have 5 gigs on fiverr and they have so impression. But I have a problem,  Sometime,  My gig shows on 15-20 page and sometime it doesn't show on page sometime.  And My one gig was deleted. So, I recently published two gigs. I don't know where is my fault. Please browse my gig and give me some suggestion. I am trying to be active on fiverr as much as possible,too.
My gig link 1 : https://www.fiverr.com/s/r5KkeP
My gig link 2 :

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I am not getting client even having an experience of 2 year.

I am Abrar, A Experienced Data Entry, Lead Generation, Virtual Assistant and Marketing Expert. I started freelancing in Offline then I head into Fiverr for it Speciality. But,  Till 1 year I worked on my gigs,  profile But Still No Results. Please Review My Profile and If i am Good or If i have weakness So please say me so i can recover it.



My Profile Link : https://www.fiverr.com/abrar1373

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Hi Abrar, your link doesn't work, so I can't offer advice there.

But let's dive into what you told us so far:

You do Data Entry, Lead Generation, Virtual Assistant and Marketing. Those are very diverse offerings (except marketing and lead gen, which to many people are the same thing). Let's break it down 1 by 1:

Data Entry is a dying industry (or already dead, depending on who you ask). Artificial intelligence can now do this for free. It is also very mindless and requires no skill, meaning it's a race to the bottom on price against anyone competent enough to use the internet. This is why you aren't seeing any orders for this service.

Virtual Assisting is a specialized job that many other people have made their entire careers. It sounds like English is not your first language, and communication is absolutely critical in this field, so I assume that if you're trying to find an English-speaking customer, this will be a struggle too.

Lead gen and marketing is a very complex field that encompasses many different fields within it. Concepts like social media marketing, SEO, copywriting, UX, sales funnels, web design, cold emailing, video production, CRM setup, and other stuff are all within this industry. Saying you do lead generation and marketing are simply too broad. It's like opening a restaurant that specializes in "food." Nobody is going to want to visit your restaurant because they don't know which niche you're an expert in, so they have no idea if you're a fit for them or if you can even help.

Hope this has been helpful. If you get a better link for your profile I'll check that out too.

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Hi, Welcome to my fiverr forum. I am Abrar Jaowad, A Freelancer who have many skills including Data Entry, Lead Generation, Virtual Assistant, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Front End Web Development. I have 2 years of experience in this field. I started my freelancing career by working with some local clients in offline and git good result. Later, I joined fiverr because of it’s specialty that i heard from my group members. But, Since, I joined fiverr 1 year ago, I create 5 gigs based on Data Entry that beginners do. I created eye-catching gig image, showed samples, offered good prices and good service. But, After Many Efforts, I don’t have at least 1 order in fiverr. So, I want to take advice from old Freelancers in fiverr about What Should I have to do in fiverr ti get order. 

Please Help Me!

My Gig :


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Hi, I am Abrar Jaowad. I am a Data Entry,  Digital Marketing and Front End Web Development Expert. I am currently providing Lead Generation Service in fiverr. I have published 6 gigs and spend 1 year. Please view my gig and give me some tips.  I am always active and I share my gigs in Social Media, too. But still no results.

My gig https://www.fiverr.com/s/87ZxZq

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