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Seeking Guidance on Offering B2B Leads Generation Services via Apollo.io on Fiverr



Hi fellow Fiverr sellers,

I'm hoping to get some insights from the community regarding a new service I'm considering offering on Fiverr. The service would involve providing B2B leads to businesses seeking to expand their customer base. I have a subscription to the Apollo.io tool, which allows me to generate high-quality leads based on specific criteria.

I'm aware that Fiverr has strict guidelines regarding the types of services that can be offered, and I want to ensure that my proposed service is fully compliant. I've reviewed the Fiverr Community Standards and Prohibited Services list, but I'm still seeking clarity on whether offering B2B leads would be considered acceptable.

If anyone has experience offering similar services on Fiverr, I would greatly appreciate your advice and guidance. Has anyone encountered any issues or challenges with providing B2B leads? Are there any specific precautions or measures I should take to ensure compliance with Fiverr's terms?

I'm passionate about helping businesses connect with potential customers, and I believe my service could be a valuable asset to the Fiverr community. However, I want to proceed with caution and ensure that my approach is aligned with Fiverr's policies and regulations.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

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