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We Need A Section For "Extra Fast" Gig Extras


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It’s tough to deliver something super fast …if you are sleeping or not home, we are humans for sure. For my express gigs though, I have had people order and say “need delivered in next 2-4 hours or in 8 hours or it is worthless to me”. I think the best way to solve this is to make buyers agree to pay more money if delivered within a certain time frame but hard to hold sellers to this.

5 for 24 hour express

If delivered within 1st hour, $20 more

If delivered within 4 hours, $15 more

If delivered within 8 hours, $10 more

If delivered within 12 hours, $5 more

12-24 can just be normal

It’s a thought … it would make express gigs cost more but it is unfair to have

more pressure on top of within 24 hours to deliver in 2, 4 or even 8 etc.



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