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Yipee completed my first two orders


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Reply to @tusharattar: Congratulations dear for completing your orders. I know what it feels like to complete the first orders with 5 star reviews. it seems like a dream come true. I used to keep on looking at my reviews once I received them 🙂 Lolx! Anyways I would highly recommend that you continue doing what you are doing. Some tips for you:

  1. Have a video of yourself promoting your gigs for all gigs
  2. your responsive time is 12 hours. This is understood for a top rated seller who is busy in orders, but for a newbie it is a BIG NO NO. Improve your responsiveness. Whwnever a new client asks anything from you, make it your best to reply to that client. Have an iPhone or Android app for fiverr installed on your smartphone and start using it. You would notice how easy it is to use and reply to new queries. My average responsiveness is 1 hour. Which means that within the last 3 months of joining fiverr, whenever I received a new query, the client got the response within 1 hour. This should be your response timings too
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