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How to apply Fiverr Pro ?



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Hi There, 

  There seems to be some confusion regarding your request for the “Fiverr Pro” application process.

Let’s see if we can declutter some of the misunderstanding.

Fiverr has carefully designed a top notch, ultra professional sequence of steps to ensure that the most qualified, trustworthy candidates enter into the pro program.  

The process is simple - but requires strict adherence to the procedure as specified bellow: 

1. Summoning Bloody Mary:

Begin by gazing deeply into your wall length mirror.  If you don’t own a wall length mirror you can use a bathroom mirror … though (and I can’t stress this enough) … Mary hates it when you perform rituals after having just relieved yourself.

Repeat the name “Bloody Mary” three times. You will see a door appear inside the mirror. This is the main entrance to “Fiverr Customer Care.” Wait patiently and Mary will respond to your message in the order of which it was received.

In some instances Mary may not be available. Should this occur, you could be contacted by “Spooky Susan.” Susan isn’t as scary as Bloody Mary, but she sure could use a shower.

At this point, you will set up a time to be “onboarded,” by a team of former industry professionals who may or may not have an insatiable desire to eat your brain. Or any brain for that matter. Fiverr has a strict policy regarding exclusion. 

2.  Eating with your peers

As indicated by “Pro Customer Care” your peer review should arrive within 48 hours or “when the howl of midnight bursts through the tranquility of your slumber” - whichever comes first.

Please verify that all midnight visitors are representatives of the Fiverr Pro onboarding department, prior to “destroying their brain.” Fiverr is not responsible for any legal or medical fees that you may incur while “surviving zombies.”

Which, you’d think would go without saying, but you have no idea how many people mistake their delivery driver for the undead. If you’re uncertain - try the following test: 

Approaching the stranger slowly, remove a ten dollar bill from your wallet: 

If the individual reaches for the money - that’s a delivery driver.

If your head gets eaten - that’s a zombie.

At this point, Fiverr will evaluate your synergic strategies by awarding a pro position to the last person (or un-person) left standing, post attack.

Note: If you are applying for PRO status in “graphic design” it is particularly crucial that you survive the onboarding process. Fiverr has reached its zombie quota in the graphic design vertical.


3. Open the Galactic Portal:

Congratulations - you have successfully completed the first steps in becoming a “Fiverr Pro Seller.” To begin your journey, let’s open that cosmic pathway between earth and the dark world. There you will meet your new “Pro Account Specialist,” learn the basics of your advanced Fiverr platform tools and prepare yourself for soul extraction.

How exciting! 

To initiate the portal sequence - please implement the following maneuvers: 

You put your right foot in

You put your right foot out

You put your right foot in and you shake it all about

We admit, this seems to be a redundant succession of steps - particularly because your foot was already “in” before you removed it - but conjuring is a specific, albeit ridiculous at times, sport. 

 At this point you should be able to visualize the face of “Abraxas - the Gnostic God” calling you from the sky.

Note: In some rare cases - Pro applicants have incorrectly conjured agents operating outside of Fiverr’s domain. Please refrain from traveling intergalactically with anyone other than approved Fiverr personnel. This includes: Chico Marx, Milton Berle, Joey Bishop and Michael Bublé. We’ve tried to explain to Mr. Bublé that it’s inappropriate for him to travel by vortex (being that he’s still alive)  - but apparently Michael thinks we’re his rhythm section - because he never listens to us.

Upon arriving to the dark world, you’ll begin your amazing journey as a new Fiverr Pro. Complete with: training modules, new utility functions and the Fiverr Approved Seller Plus Manager Decoder Ring!

Let’s give it a try!

You: Are you ever going to fix the system so that customers aren’t allowed to ask for unlimited modifications? 

Seller Plus Manager: I can’t really talk about that - but let’s just say we’re working on some things. 

Now - Put on your decoder ring and ask again! 

You: Can you repeat that (With decoder ring on)?

Seller Plus Manager: Sure, I said that no one is even remotely interested in fixing that feature and that I hope to swim in the tears of every last sobbing seller that ever mentions it again. It’s been like that forever - hey, how ‘bout this - how bout asking enough questions to get your job right? 


It works! 

This completes your “easy to use” guide to becoming a Fiverr pro. With a little practice and some swift thinking - you’ll be on your way to bigger opportunities in no time!

Good luck out there - and take comfort in the eternal words of Winston Churchill -


Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm … also, Michael Bublé is hot garbage.” 

Best of luck. 

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On 12/6/2023 at 7:40 AM, logowink said:

Are we applying using third party since Surveymonkey requesting access to my account ?

Yes, But it is a good way, You may apply from there!
You must include information about your business and yourself, and an introduction video would be ideal!

Best wishes!

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On 12/4/2023 at 5:18 AM, logowink said:

I've spent the past few days searching on how to apply for Fiverr Pro, but unfortunately, I haven't been able to locate the application process.

Keep in mind that only 1% (or less) of applicants are accepted.

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