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impression and clicks on my gigs


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14 hours ago, mallaikaeshal said:

Hey, I am not getting any impressions from last month. Please, anyone can give me some tips. i have optimized my gigs titles and description

See an inserted image below:


It's happening because of this 2* review which you got 1 month ago. It looks like that buyer was not impressed or satisfied with your services/work.. So buyer might have given you a negative private review. Therefore, your BSR and Performance Scores have been dropped and your gig might be removed from the search results temporarily or pushed back in the search results. This is why you are not getting impressions/clicks.

It will take time to get recovered from the effect of that review (public + private) i.e. 3-6 months. So meanwhile try to deliver quality work in such a way that it makes your buyer happy. 

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