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I am new on fiverr how to get impressions and orders


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Hello @dashree and welcome to our amazing Community! 

"I am online for 2 days 24 hours" - Please, please, please do not do that to yourself. You have to take good care of your health. Staying online 24/7 does not guarantee you success. 

Fiverr users often think there is a connection between the views and impressions they receive for their Gigs. However, those are just statistics based on these and other metrics. The results shown in the search are individual for each user. Also, please note that Fiverr does not guarantee impressions or clicks for your Gig. We provide a marketplace for users to advertise their Gigs and leave you to find the best way to make them appealing and promote them outside of Fiverr to increase the number of clicks your Gig receives. The algorithm in charge takes many factors into account, such as overall performance, ratings, number of completed orders, etc, which is why the position of your Gigs cannot be manually altered. 

Please take a moment to check out these helpful links:

We are sure you will get many great ideas from these posts. Please make the necessary adjustments, and keep trying. Many successful Sellers faced initial setbacks, I am one of them. Stay positive, and search the Forum and our Help section for more helpful tips and tricks. 

Good luck! 🍀

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