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I am not getting any work for a long time.


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You can try to be a bit more pro-active in promoting your gigs. You can go on Quora and answer peoples questions about things they ask which are related to the service you provide and share a link there to your gig. Do watch the Fiverr Free Course as there are some great tips in there. But I think the word you are looking for is pro-activity

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Hello @selim_chowdhury

Congratulations on starting your freelancing journey on Fiverr! If you’re just getting started, I recommend that you check out our free Fiverr Learn course.

The forum is full of information and great discussions. As a new member, we recommend that you read through some of the previous posts made, as they have lots of valuable insights that will help you get started. If you would like to ask the community for suggestions on your Gig, please post in the Improve My Gig section. 

Here are a few that I recommend for new freelancers:

Good luck! 

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