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Is it ok to promote my gig to other sellers?



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37 minutes ago, superspots said:

I have a video gig for promotion. Many other sellers might be interested in it.

Does Fiverr let you send messages to other sellers?  


I actually understand why you might think it could be okay, so I'll try to explain why I consider it spam (other than Fiverr actually stating it is and forbidding it.)

Imagine it from the other side. What if you started getting 5-10 messages a week from other sellers trying to get you to order from them. 

You could miss those messages (for whatever reason) and even lose your level because of it (it's an extreme but it could happen!). 

If I as a seller want a service I can seek it out easily. I don't need other sellers telling me about them, basically. 

(Still, I'm glad you asked first! I just wanted to explain why it's not allowed instead of just saying it's not.)

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