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Why does the amount in my available funds keeps decreasing?



Hi everyone,

I completed my first order a few weeks ago and the payment was cleared into my available funds balance five days ago. The net amount in USD after the 20% cut was $5.60. However, I am in Canada, so my payout will be in CAD. On the first day, the amount available to be withdrawn was $8.04. It dropped to $8 this morning, and it is now down to $7.96.

Is this purely related to the fluctuating exchange rates of currencies or do I somehow lose money if I don't withdraw it? Has anyone else encountered this problem?



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Hi Livia!

Not sure if you got an answer on this but I do believe your suspicion is right with the changing exchange rate on a daily basis. 

On Fiverr Help, I found this:
All prices that appear on Fiverr are based on their original US$ price and, as a result, non-US$ currency prices may change on a daily basis, in accordance with exchange rate fluctuations.

I assume this applies to payouts as well! You can read it here:

I am in Canada too, and typically just work in USD on my profile to keep it easy to track and whatever the exchange is when I withdraw is what it is, but you can always monitor it! 

There is more about withdrawing earnings here as well:

Have a wonderful holiday season!


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