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Copyright issues after purchase


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I purchased my first song on Fiverr for meditation. I embedded it into my video. YouTube says I don't have the right to use this music, and shows it with someone else. Does anyone know or understand how to show I have the copyright for this music, per my purchase with the seller. I'm not sure where the copyright information is. (I have looked) I figured I'm just missing something somewhere.  Thank you in advance for any help.

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Nothing you have been told so far is even remotely accurate. 

Let’s make with the pleasantries, shall we?


My name is Tommy Jones. I’m a professional songwriter - both in life and here on the platform. You can always spot a professional songwriter by our exceptional lack of “working at the mall” during the day. From my understanding - that’s the only qualification.


First, let’s analyze your issue:


The song you purchased from a fellow fiverrian was flagged for copyright violation. I’m assuming that you’re upset due to being assured that this material was original, newly created for you and entirely yours. We songwriters have a term for this: 

Lying (pronounced ˈlīiNG)


Lets review the only possible reasons that music can be flagged for copyright violation:


1. You’re attempting to post a song that has been copyrighted without permission to do so. 
2. The song you’re posting has similar enough elements of another work that a copyright claim could be made against it. 
3. The YouTube algorithm believes your song is uninspired garbage, but doesn’t have the heart to tell you. 

I may have made that last one up.


Now, let’s discuss some possible violations that are occurring stemming from your seller interaction: 

1. Yes, the seller could be redistributing copyright free music to you, however, this makes you the owner of nothing.


The seller can’t negotiate the publishing on a song for you. While it’s technically possible to change ownerships multiple times, this still leaves you with prepackaged music that will be featured in any multitude of environments.

This process of robbing Peter to pay Paul is not allowed on fiverr. For that matter - they don’t want you robbing Paul either.

All materials you purchase from songwriters on fiverr should be original, new works. There is no guarantee on the legalities of music stemming from third party locations. 

2. The seller may have sold one of their compositions to multiple people.

Sellers on fiverr seem to believe that they can retain audio ownership of material (as opposed to intellectual ownership) under the “commercial rights” umbrella. Not only is this a misrepresentation of commercial rights - it’s illegal.

In any recording studio in the world, the person who finances the recording is the legal owner of the recording. That owner may then carve publishing pieces of the ownership - but it’s up to them, as they own the material. 

However - the first person who financed this recording is the rightful owner. Selling supposed original works to multiple people is a violation of fiverr and illegal.


3. Your seller may be more useless than male nipples. 

It’s entirely possible that your seller just “gave you” some random song. While that’s the least likely scenario occurring - it’s not unheard of.

I’m going to say something that may surprise you … and I want you to sit down … brace yourself …

Musicians are yucky.

Yes. It’s true that I, myself, am a musician … but I try really hard to hate myself for it and I refuse to have a conversation with myself. Then I serenade myself over piano and take me back. I fall for it every time (well built guys who can sing, am I right?). 

Obviously, selling you someone’s material is against the policies of … well, everything. 

4. Lastly, it’s possible that your seller used plugin loops without altering the melodic composition.

That’s mostly music jargon, but what’s important to know is that the makers of the plugins don’t allow redistribution of their original work without alteration.

That would leave you with material that could have been used 1000’s of times by 1000’s of artists and it’s not the original composition that you paid for. 


Whats clear here is this: anyway you slice it, the seller broke fiverr rules and probably engaged in actions that could have them banned from the platform. At the very least, you werent given material that was intentionally created for you. I would cancel the sale or process a return request and express these concerns to customer service.

And none of this is to mention the actual “copyrighting” of the song itself. Assuming you are the legal owner of the copyright (which, you have no right to be - being that you didn’t write a song) you would need to copyright the song yourself. It’s a lengthy process and includes fees. Likewise, if you’re the owner of audio (which is what you should be) - registering the work is another process entirely. Sellers, nor fiverr, can establish publishing on your behalf. 

You may want to consider hiring songwriters and arrangers who specialize in more comprehensive music (other than meditation music - otherwise known as holding down a synthesizer while browsing email) to ensure proprietary material. Any legitimate songwriter can provide that.

Although, it would be a lot neater if you asked them to make you a Dixieland jazz song instead. Then you can market a whole new trend “yoga with banjos.”


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I frequently use music that I have the rights to use. However, it clearly states in most music services that you cannot just sell the song. It based to be used as part of a project. So if you were sold anything except an original work by that seller, you may have been sold something that was not permitted. The seller may not know this so if he/ she doesn’t, they are about to learn a valuable lesson in music copyrights. 

The seller should also be able to provide you some type of statement of copyright use if it’s from a service but it won’t stick unless it’s used in a project… NEVER ON ITS OWN. 

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