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Sales have stopped and my gigs are being confused with others?


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Ever since fiverr asked me to try some new features, my sales have almost completly stopped! In an effort to gain some exposure, I started doing some extra sharing on my social networks. To my surprise, when I went to share my gig : http://www.fiverr.com/foundinmagazine/create-an-awesome-slogan-or-tagline?funnel=2014080702464087414062380

It came up as this gig (from a different fiverr member) on facebook: http://www.fiverr.com/frank1234/create-an-awesome-slogan-or-tagline?funnel=2014080702440371414062380

This really makes me wonder what else is wrong…and why my sales went from averaging 1-2 per day to 1 in the last 5 days.


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