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How to withdraw my earned money to my paypal account?


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Please read the Fiverr Terms of Service, which tells you some of what you want to know.

You can also check out the Customer Support page of Fiverr and I suggest you start with the “Selling on Fiverr” page of very brief articles including how the payment system works.

You can also use the forum search in the upper right corner to search for your answer, because this question has been asked and answered many, many times on the forum, too.

In fact, you’ll be less frustrated and confused if you look through these areas, read these articles and use these tools, which are here for your benefit, rather than waiting passively for others to come to your aid.

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Hey wassup? I’m having the problem that my paypal associated email address changed from @tokyo.com to @asia.com because of email provider changes.

I cant seem to find the configuration area to recieve the confirmation email to my new @asia.com address. I just keep getting that a confirmation email will be sent to my paypal address which is now nonexistent and that there is a 24h wait time.

Anyone have had this problem before?

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