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Seriously! What's a person have to do?


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Seriously. Whats a person have to do to get some work around here? I have advertised on youtube, facebook, twitter and other social media sites. I have reached out to people and given them samples, freebies, and more samples. I have been having much more luck on other gig websites than I am having here on Fiverr. 😦 I don’t want to use other websites! I want to use Fiverr!

So… can some one please show me! Show me how! How to get up there with you all! I see some of you with over 20 orders in que, some with more. I know people like these services and I know some people need them as well. So what am I doing wrong? I am tired of waiting and waiting and waiting for an order. I go to sleep tweaking up my gigs in hopes that the next day I wake up to an order or two or 20! Instead the same routine… 0!

On the first couple of days after I joined Fiverr I had 5 orders right away. Then they just stopped. Sighh… should I just go back to a 9-5 job again. Is this not going to work out for me? I want orders! I want to be successful on here! My father tells me this is all mumbo jumbo and that its all rigged and in order to get orders you have to be in cahoots with Fiverr somehow. Some one out there, please hear me out and help me get to where I need to be.

Thank you for taking time to read this long rant of mine, its just all the emotions building up inside of me. I have so much of my artistic side that I want to share with the world. Its just not happening for me. 😦 Now let me go cry while I create something new in after effects .

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Hey bring me to life you have a kinda big error in your main graphic design gig!

"It is

really important "

Also, your putting cutey stylistic words over corporate logos I dunno it seems contradictory. I would say you should think of a gig for your more personal artistic side and a gig for corporate purposes where you use simple and professional photoshop fonts!

Thats my feedback anyway. If you think you could do a good job with my Sunnyside Clean Wash Paint logo take a look at it on www.cleanwashpaint.com and let me know if you have any ideas and I just might give you a try!
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There are weird spacing errors in the description of your proofreading gig.

Newspaper is written as "news paper"

Itself is written as “it self”

In your reviews gig, you use "written" where you should have used "write."

Small grammatical mistakes may not seem like a big deal, but with 4 million sellers to choose from, any small mistake may send a buyer to another vendor.

Hope that helps!
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I would advise you to reconsider your bio. If you read it closely, it sounds like you are

using Fiverr to improve your work and experiment with video. What we want to hear is why you are so much better than the all the others offering similar services. Check your key words. Try new categories. Under a couple of your 3 sec intos, there wasn’t enough contrast between the company name and the background to make it easily legible, much less really pop!

I hope this helps.

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I checked out your logo gig. When you’re typing out the gig description, you have options to bold letters, use bullets, highlight, etc. Use these tools! It will help with readability and attractiveness.

You do need some editing on your wording (probably with all of your gigs, but I just had time to review one, so I went with the first one). Here is a suggestion for the logo gig:



I will create a professional logotype / branding design for your business or company. Just send your ideas, and I will work with you on the details to create a global concept and excellent product.

Just $5 will get you started – colors included!

This gig includes one (1) free revision!

The final product will be delivered as a .png file (transparent background) in high quality resolution for ease of use. I will send the vector file for the cost of additional gig ($5). Please use an online converter if you need any other file type.

***All orders are delivered within 3 business days!

What you do:

  • Describe what you want represented in the logotype. This will help me give you the best product I can.

  • Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Thank you for your interest in my gig. I look forward to providing you with the best service that I can.


    I added “Please use an online converter if you need any other file type” even though you didn’t have that. You don’t have to keep that line if you don’t want it, but the reason I included it is because when I had my book trailer gig (making video commercials for books), I made it clear in the gig description that I delivered in .wmv format ONLY. Yet I still had people asking me for different file types. The biggest group of people doing that were Mac users. I could always tell, because EVERY TIME, I’d get, “Hey, I can’t open this video on my computer. Can you send a different file?” Every. Time.

    To help remedy that, I put that line in my gig description, and I also put it in the instructions that the buyer receives upon ordering. Then I would point them to Google and let them know that there are online converters for that sort of thing. It was just something I didn’t offer.

    So I suggest putting that line in your gig description as well, unless you don’t mind converting files for every other buyer that comes along. 😉

    I suggest bolding the line about delivering the order in 3 days. Also, for “Describe what you want…” and “Please contact me…”, use bullet points (and then remove the dashes, because the bullet points would do what those dashes do).

    And then of course you’ll want to update your gig as orders come in and you see what people are requesting, etc.

    Just a few suggestions. I’m sure others have some good ideas too.

    And oh yeah – don’t expect overnight success. It will take a good 6 months or so AT LEAST to get your feet off the ground. Be patient!

    Good luck!
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Reply to @maenoko: Yeah, these are called “compound” words, meaning the words are made up of two other words.

I used to have an editing gig, and I had a repeat customer that CONSTANTLY separated compound words. I never did understand that. I learned what compound words are in the third grade, so it seems rather elementary to me (haha).

But yeah, don’t separate compound words into their base words. It looks uneducated at best. 😉

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